Enhance the appearance of almost anything! Now with our exclusive water slide paper products, you can decorate and customize whatever you want! All you need is a computer, a printer and a little bit of creativity to design and print your own decals and tattoos.

Decal Paper

Our premium grade water slide decal paper is
easy to use and can be applied to:

Glass, plastic, wax, wood, tile, metal, cardboard, enamel, pottery,
ceramics, etc.

Which Paper To Choose?

It all depends on the type of printer you will be using, you can now choose between:

- inkjet decal paper for any inkjet printer
- laser decal paper
for laser printers and copiers, Alps printers

Our papers available in two sizes:

- 8 1/2  x  11
- 11  x  17

You can also choose between Clear and White decal paper depending on the surface color you will work with. We recommend White decal paper for dark colored surfaces & Clear decal paper for all light colored surfaces.

Note: If you are using an ALPS printer and printing in white, we strongly recommend using our Blue decal paper. This will improve the visibilty of your design.


Tattoo Paper
Design and create beautiful tattoos of your choice. Use our tattoo paper to print your tattos, apply them and remove them painlessly!Our line of premium Tattoo Paper is specifically made to work with either ink jet or laser printers.

We offer great prices to our customers so you could have fun making tattoos with the whole family
and friends!

Shipping Infomation:

We ship between 24 - 48 hours after placing your order (orders received after 12:00 noon of Friday, will be shipped on Monday the following week). Shipping is FOB Miami, Florida USA. Please see shipping options available when placing your order.

Please Note:

Decal paper is NOT designed to be fired in a kiln or to withstand any other source of heat including microwave.
Water will damage and cause decal paper to loose adhesion. Avoid direct contact with water and store decals in a cool and dry place.


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